asian inspired



  friendly atmosphere

What is ferment?

we are an metropolitan inspired restaurant, started in 2015, we are located in the center of copenhagen, near cityhall and strøget.

we changed alot during the last year, but the core of ferments is still here. 

the area.

Pissenrenden as the area is friendly named, is a part of the older Copenhagen, this part of the city is a city  in the city, lots of small specialised shops and restaurants. Think soho in london and you are not that far off. 

the produce.

we pride to do everything by hand, and use the best produce we can get our hands on. we put our prices fair. we try and get most of our produce from europe, we do however get some stuff from asia and the us. mostly japan, korea and hong kong. we use as little produce we can from main land china.   

everything is hand made or hand build. most ceramics are handmade and all for sale ask for options. 

our neighbourhood. 

ferment is located in a busy streets with lots of parties, but people also live here. so please do keep this in mind when staying outside or when you go for drinks at some of the cool bars in the neighbourhood.


What we do and what we do not do

We are not an authentic chinese or japanese restaurant.

We ”find inspirations in everything” as sir paul smith would say.We cook the food we like to eat.

We serve the drinks and beers that we like to drink.
We listen to the music we like to hear.

We do not follow any trends.

We do have public wifi, but its very slow, you are welcome to use it.We do however suggest that you instead sit down, enjoy the food, and talk together.
Who knows the guest next to you might have something interesting to say.

Everyone is welcome here, no matter who you are, who you believe in, or how you look. if you don´t agree – please go somewhere else.